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Meet Our Team

Photo of Rich Geisler

Rich Geisler

Principal & Founder

Photo of William Ferguson

William Ferguson

Senior Associate Attorney

Photo of David Hinton

David Hinton

Associate Attorney

Photo of Megan Gruter

Megan Gruter

Provisionally Licensed Lawyer

Photo of Candy Champa

Candy Champa

Business Manager

Photo of Inez Schmidt

Inez Schmidt

Managing Paralegal

Photo of Martha Bolaños

Martha Bolaños

Paralegal & Spanish Translator
Photo of Gabrielle Lipco

Gabrielle Lipco


Photo of Karly Cameron

Karly Cameron

Accounting Assistant

Photo of Maria Amezola

Maria Amezola

Legal Assistant

Photo of Mingshu Zhang

Mingshu Zhang

Legal Assistant & Chinese Interpreter

Photo of Maria Cunha

Maria Cunha

French & Portuguese Interpreter