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Deciding what types of surrogacy work best for you

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | International Surrogacy, Surrogacy Law |

Choosing to become a parent, especially via surrogacy, can be an extremely tough decision to make. You have to choose the right surrogate, the type of procedure and much more. If you are considering surrogacy in California, here are some options.

Get a relative to be your surrogate

Formally known as traditional surrogacy, this method has been used since biblical times. Unlike most modern-day arrangements, the baby is also related to the surrogate. This type of situation can be risky as national laws/cases pertaining to fertility and surrogacy can be hard to argue when the surrogate is the biological mother.

Have a surrogate carry your embryo

Through invitro fertilization (IVF), your embryo is implanted into the surrogate. Because national laws regarding surrogacy vary, you’ll want to choose someone who resides in a surrogacy-friendly state.

Choosing the right surrogate

Just as you wouldn’t want just anyone watching your child, you shouldn’t let just anyone carry it either. Here are few things you should consider when vetting potential surrogates:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Health
  • Personal Finances

When is gestational surrogacy a good option?

If you can produce eggs but have difficulty carrying a baby, gestational surrogacy could be a good solution. This can even be a great option for same-sex couples as the embryo can be created with a donor egg or sperm.

No matter which method of surrogacy you decide to use, it is important to have a legal contract in place from the start. The best way to ensure that your contract is legal and upheld is to have it drawn up by a professional. Even if you have a relative carry your baby, you should still have an agreement in writing, so you are protected.