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Egg donors face mental and physical effects in California

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Egg & Sperm Donation |

California women who choose to donate eggs cite numerous reasons for making this important life choice. When financial compensation serves as a motivating factor, the donor must understand everything involved in the process. Becoming a donor requires a significant amount of time and energy through exams, blood work and invasive procedures.

Donors must receive psychological screening and consultation

Deciding to donate an egg often requires you to answer several personal questions. In addition to the mental aspect of egg donation, donors must also weigh certain medical risks. When the intended sperm donor is known to carry a genetic disease, you may also need to undergo genetic testing.

Egg donors should never feel forced or pressured. Conduct your research ahead of time before you divulge any personal information. Beyond the medical and personal history, you may also need to take an ultrasound to determine the health of your ovaries. While these procedures are normal, you need to protect yourself legally if the process becomes overwhelming.

Donation centers almost always have lawyers to protect the interests of the clinics. Establishing your rights and compensation for your donation must appear clearly in the contract. The contract must also address protocols for allowing the prospective child to contact the donor. An experienced attorney can raise important questions that may not seem obvious when you review your contract.

Preparing for the legal aspects of egg donation

Getting the proper legal help to understand contracts and help you make the right decision for your future can save you headaches later on down the road. The decision to donate your eggs may provide financial benefits as well as serve altruistic goals. An attorney helps to protect your rights and minimizes your legal risks.