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New bill would allow unwed Utah couples to use surrogacy

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Surrogacy Law |

Unmarried couples in California have the right to explore fertility options when they want to start a family. Recently, a new bill was introduced in another state that would allow for surrogacy among unwed couples.

What is the new bill?

Bill HB51 of Utah is sponsored by state Representative Matthew Gwynn. The bill would eliminate the need for marriage for couples to enter into gestational surrogacy agreements. It passed by a vote of 43 to 32 in the House and will now move on to the state Senate.

Under current laws, only married couples are able to seek fertility options like gestational surrogacy. Rep. Gwynn stated that it’s only fair unmarried couples have the same rights to start a family if they need assistance in the form of fertility treatments and surrogacy.

One Republican representative argued against the bill, claiming that children born to unwed parents were more likely to experience problems such as poverty and crime. Rep. Gwynn countered and pointed out that many couples are now living together and have the right to do what they want in the bedroom.

The Democratic Minority Leader stated his support for Bill HB51, saying that it would give unmarried couples the freedom to start families the way they see fit and that the laws shouldn’t create burdens to such intimate choices.

Why did the bill come up?

Rep. Gwynn introduced the bill after a woman appealed to the House and told her story of being unable to have a baby with her boyfriend. She revealed that she had needed a hysterectomy when she was only 21 due to various medical issues, which meant that she would have no choice but to rely on a surrogate to carry a child for them. She lamented that she and her partner would have to be married before they could enter into an agreement to have their baby.

If the bill passes, it would change the lives of many unwed couples.