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Fertility treatments: an overview

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Fertility Assistance |

After you and your partner complete your fertility assessment in California, you’ll need to start thinking about your options for fertility treatment. These treatments can include medications that stimulate sperm and egg production, as well as procedures that target the embryos, egg, or sperm.

Infertility treatments can also include making certain lifestyle changes, treating other medical conditions, or surgery. If you’re a California resident and considering expanding your family throughout fertility treatments, here are some important things to remember.

Which treatment is best?

Your treatment plan will depend on the reasons for infertility. Fertility specialists will consider whether the issue is due to the man’s health, the woman’s health, or if both partners should be treated. Between 85-90% of couples who are struggling with infertility receive low-tech treatments including surgery and medication. Less than 5% of couples going through infertility treatments use IVF or other reproductive technology. Of those who undergo IVF and similar treatments, just under 50% will have a baby.

Medication options for fertility

Fertility medications can stimulate ovulation but these medicines can also be used to increase sperm production. Disorders of the ovaries account for around 25% of female infertility cases and are the main reason for fertility medication treatment.

Medicines that treat infertility include Clomid, which is often the first option to reverse infertility. Clomid is mainly used to treat women who are trying to conceive but the medication is safe for men as well. Up to 45% of couples who use this medication will have a baby within six medication cycles.

Femara and Arimidex are also common medications that are used to promote ovulation. These are officially considered fertility drugs but they can increase the chances of conception. The success rates for Femara and Arimidex are similar to Clomid.

Couples should explore all possible options for fertility and consider their health and family planning goals before choosing the best treatment.