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Colorado sperm and egg donors may lose anonymity

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Egg & Sperm Donation |

A recent bill introduced in Colorado may have serious consequences for sperm and egg donors. Under the proposed changes, people who donate these materials may be poised to lose all rights to their anonymity. This is a measure that is very common in Europe. However, the new bill is the first of its kind in the USA.

Sb22-224 can end anonymous donations in Colorado

The new bill is known as SB22-224, the “Donor-conceived Persons and Families Of Donor-conceived Persons Protection Act.” This bill could mark a sea change in the way that donations facilitate fertility treatments are handled in the state. It is currently making its way through the legislative process in the state and has a fair chance of becoming law sometime this May.

If SB22-224 becomes law, it would put a stop to this practice. People who make donations of sperm and egg materials would have to agree to have their identity revealed. The full disclosure of this info would be set to occur when the children who were born as a result of these donations reach the age of 18.

A donor’s medical info must be disclosed

People who make sperm donation in Colorado may soon have to consent to a full disclosure of their medical history. This info would be provided to the person who was born from the donation they made when that person reaches the age of 18. The facility that took the donation must hand this info over.

The bill also places restrictions on the number of family members who can receive gametes from any single donor. The limit will be placed at 25. This is designed to keep down the number of half-siblings that any one person may have. Other donation limits are liable to be made.