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The protocols of working with a surrogate

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Surrogacy Law |

California residents often need fertility assistance to have children. Surrogacy is one of the best options. There are steps to both take and avoid when working with a surrogate.

Do have open communication

Being open and honest and communicating with your surrogate is crucial. It can keep the relationship between the intended parents and surrogate strong and alleviate any stress throughout the process. Working out different means for communication is wise as well.

Don’t interrogate the surrogate

While it’s fine for intended parents to ask questions, they should never turn it into an interrogation. This could turn off a prospective surrogate. During the first meeting, things should be kept on the light side as they get to know each other.

Do find someone you like

When people turn toward surrogacy to start a family, they want to know that the person they choose to serve as gestational carrier meshes with them. It’s appropriate for couples to find someone they like. Someone with similar interests and values can only strengthen the bond as they look toward the birth of the child.

Don’t get overly stressed

The first step toward finding a surrogate is to just have a meeting. Although people might be nervous, it’s best not to become overly stressed. Couples and individuals are under no obligation during the first meeting.

Do be yourself

Anyone who is looking to find a surrogate to start a family should remember to be themselves. This could improve the experience when meeting a prospective surrogate for the first time. Chances are high that the surrogate wants to make as good an impression as the intended parents.