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How egg donor IVF works

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Egg & Sperm Donation, Fertility Assistance |

California couples facing infertility issues have more options to conceive a child than ever before. Egg donor in vitro fertilization is of them.

What is egg donor IVF

Egg donor IVF relies on a woman donating her eggs to be used with a man’s sperm in order to conceive a child. Assuming a heterosexual couple is trying to conceive, the man can be the child’s natural father and the woman can carry the baby to term.

Additionally, egg donations can be used with a either a gestational carrier or a surrogate. A surrogate would not be biologically related to the child but would carry it inside her womb until birth.

Who may benefit from egg donor IVF

There are many reasons to use an egg donor when trying to conceive a child. Some women who want children later in life may find that they no longer make eggs. Additionally, egg development can be hindered by disease. A few situations in which singles or couples could benefit from this method include:

  • Those who have had repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts
  • Gay male couples wanting to conceive with surrogate
  • Single males wanting to conceive with surrogate
  • Females who may have serious risk of genetic anomalies
  • Those with no ovaries or other health-related issues

Egg donor IVF and intended mother

Once a donor is located and all financial and legal details are worked out, the egg donor and intended mother will need to sync their menstrual cycles if the intended mother wishes to carry the baby. She may also need to take certain hormones to make her uterus ready for an embryo to implant. Egg donor IVF can take a long time, but it is worth it for couples wanting to start a family.