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What can be done about the looming fertility crisis in America?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Fertility Assistance |

An inability to conceive is a source of pain for couples worldwide. Fortunately for prospective parents in California, there are options available to help them realize their dreams for having a family.

How the fertility crisis affects future families

There are many reasons for infertility, including stress, illness, and medical conditions like endometriosis. On the male side of the equation, low sperm count and testosterone levels are often at the root.

The bad news is that the latter could become more of an issue. According to a study discussed in

Euronews Next, sperm counts around the globe are dropping.

The good news is that there are treatments that can alleviate the issue.

Low sperm counts and what can be done about it

Although no one knows why global sperm counts are decreasing, there are several theories. Some suggest that an overall decline in men’s health may be the culprit, while others think an increase in stress due to life in modern times could contribute to the problem. Environmental pollutants are also being looked at.

Whatever the cause, individuals can increase the odds of conception by:

• Reducing exposure to chemicals, both in the air and in food

• Exercise and proper diet

• Maintaining a healthy weight

• Avoiding alcohol and smoking

• Decreasing stress levels through practices such as mindfulness and yoga

Even something as simple as storing food and beverages in glass containers will reduce exposure to harmful chemicals used to produce plastic.

In addition to taking measures to improve sperm counts, some solutions can help couples have a child even when fertility problems cannot be resolved.

One such solution is surrogacy.

Options for prospective parents experiencing fertility issues

The subject of fertility/surrogacy isn’t new. The first successful gestational surrogacy that resulted in a baby occurred in 1985.

What has changed is the technologies used and accessibility for more couples. Surrogate mothers have allowed same-sex couples, older parents, and those having trouble conceiving to experience the bliss of parenthood.