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Surrogacy and donation agreements

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Surrogacy Law |

Many California residents seek options to improve their chances of becoming parents. They can receive donations from other family members, friends or each other; the important thing is that the contractual agreement is explicit and that all parties comply.

Surrogacy and donation agreements contain multiple arrangements between each participant and any agency, legal entity or court order. An astute action plan helps make the process smoother. A strong and well-executed agreement ensures everyone knows what to expect.

Where to get the egg

Your fertility doctor is the first place to discuss your IVF donation options. If one parent has a viable donation, that might be an excellent place to start, or your doctor will explain other options. Fertility clinics, egg donor agencies, egg banks or IVF egg sharing are among the options for getting eggs. Each has guidelines, pricing and some restrictions and limitations. The process is lengthy so prepare to spend some time evaluating the best course for your family. Consider these factors for each option:

Fertility clinics: Use their donors and limit outside donors.

Egg donor agencies: Offer a larger donor pool and trait tailoring, which might cost more.

Egg banks: New IVF option that uses crypto storage for donor eggs. Cost less than other donor agencies.

IVF egg sharing: Couples offer to share their donations with other couples through the fertility clinic. It’s cost-saving and provides another option for couples wanting families.

Focus on the surrogacy agreement

Surrogacy and donation agreements are critical factors in fertility donations. Stipulations cover unforeseen circumstances like abortion, miscarriage, fetal defects and more. Other factors include how to mitigate liabilities and reduce financial risks.

Each member of the IVF team, including the parents and donors, has a role and legal responsibility. Surrogacy brings a unique set of challenges but helping people become parents is worth the effort.