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Surrogacy matching platform aims to help couples have families

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Surrogacy Law |

Many couples and individuals in California and across the country have fertility issues. As a result, more and more are turning toward gestational surrogacy to start their families, sometimes with added assistance in the form of donor eggs or donor sperm. Because finding a surrogate is sometimes difficult, a new platform aims to match people with the right person to carry their child.

Surrogacy matching program helps prospective parents

Nodal is a new surrogacy matching platform app that helps intended parents find gestational carriers to help them have children. In addition to those with infertility problems, LGBTQ couples, women who have already gone through menopause and women who don’t have uteruses can benefit from gestational surrogacy, which only increases in popularity.

How Nodal works

The platform comes courtesy of a New York-based company that hopes to enhance the gestational surrogacy experience. Surrogates are prompted to make a connection with intended parents whose profiles appear to be a good fit for them. All surrogates undergo stringent background checks to ensure that they are healthy in all ways and have the right intentions in wanting to help people who are struggling to have families of their own.

According to a Nodal investor, the company aims to bring better transparency to the surrogacy industry to make things better and easier for both intended parents and surrogates alike. Members also have access to a virtual care platform where they can get advice from pediatricians, mental health professionals and even sleep coaches. Surrogates can connect with one another to discuss their experiences and offer advice as well.

Gestational surrogacy is one of the best ways to start the family you’ve always wanted. New tools like this app platform can make the process even easier as you go through your journey toward parenthood.