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What are your options for dealing with infertility?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Fertility Assistance |

California couples and individuals who struggle to conceive often experience heartbreak. At the same time, most of them never give up and instead, forge on to have the families they’ve always wanted. If you are dealing with infertility, there are good options that can help.

Understanding Infertility

Women and couples under 35 are considered as having fertility issues if they have tried to conceive for at least one year without success. Those over 35 who haven’t become pregnant after six months of trying are also considered infertile. At that point, seeking out help from a fertility clinic is advisable. There are various fertility tests for both women and men that can pinpoint the problem. However, in some cases, a couple might check out normal and the cause for infertility may go unknown.

Options for fertility treatment

Many people dealing with fertility struggles may find that therapy is necessary to help them cope emotionally. While they deal emotionally with their reality, they can also discover the right option for having a family. Some can consider welcoming a child into their homes through adoption.

For some, the desire to have their own biological children is strong; in vitro fertilization may be the best option for them. The procedure involves taking the woman’s egg and her partner’s sperm and creating embryos to implant directly into her uterus. Sometimes, a donor egg or donor sperm is used or both are used to create embryos. However, IVF isn’t always successful for everyone. In that situation, surrogacy, which uses a gestational carrier, might be the best way to start a family.

With the surrogacy option, the gestational carrier undergoes IVF to carry the baby to term for the intended parents or parent. This route has increased in popularity in recent years as it gives people a better chance of having a healthy child while being a part of the process.

Infertility is always an emotional situation, but there is help available. Along with many options for having a child, you can also reach out to gain a strong support system.