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Our mission at Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, is to help intended parents through their surrogacy and fertility journeys. Our services provide intended parents, agencies and clinics or surrogates with solutions to matters related to gestational surrogacy, where an embryo is implanted into a surrogate, which limits any biological connections. We also can assist with egg donation agreements, sperm donation agreements, embryo donation agreements and pre- and post-birth orders.

Many people would not be able to start their family without help. Our Texas fertility and surrogacy attorneys at Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, help people become parents and protect their rights.

What Are The Laws Surrounding Surrogacy In Texas?

While Tex. Fam. Code§ 160-751 through § 160-763 grants the right to surrogacy, it also presents several challenges. For example, traditional surrogacy is viewed as adoption and subject to adoption laws. Our lawyers can discuss surrogacy laws in detail as you begin to explore the process.

Do You Have To Be Married To Have A Child Using Assisted Reproductive Technology In Texas?

There are some limitations for individuals and couples who are not married. Two people who are intended parents often must be married in Texas. Our attorneys can help you explore your options if you want to pursue surrogacy despite these limitations.

Can LGBTQ+ Couples Be Intended Parents In Texas?

Same-sex couples and those involved in the LGBTQ+ communities may not be able to conceive a child on their own. However, LGBTQ+ couples have the same right as any other person to be an intended parent in Texas. We want to help ensure that everyone has the right to surrogacy.

Do You Have To Provide Evidence For Needing To Use ART?

Parents may need to go through a basic evaluation before the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). If evidence is requested before a parent uses ART, our attorneys can help gather the necessary documentation.

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