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Mingshu Zhang

Mingshu Zhang is an ATA (American Translators Association)-certified professional linguist. She majored in English Linguistics and Literature in college and has a MA in Christian Studies. Mingshu is passionate about helping people better communicate and enjoys working as an interpreter/translator to remove the language barriers for people to clearly communicate and understand each other. After graduating from Xi’an International Studies University, Mingshu became an English lecturer at Eurasia University and a part-time in house translator/interpreter at ELA (English Language Association Co. Ltd.).

After moving to the US, Mingshu worked as assistant editor at Christian Life Quarterly for two years before she decided to pursue her passion as a freelancer translator and interpreter. She specialized in translating/interpreting in the fields of legal, medical, financial investment, education, etc.

Mingshu has been a conference interpreter for the following events: CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) delegation’s press conference in Chicago; CHA (Chinese Hospital Association) delegation’s meeting with AHA (American Hospital Association), ACHE (American College of Healthcare Executives) and University of Chicago Medical Center; Grant Thornton global conference, etc. When she is not working, Mingshu can be found lifting weights or sweating at kickboxing class.

Photo of Mingshu Zhang

​Mingshu Zhang
​Legal Assistant / Chinese Interpreter