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What To Know About Sperm Donation Agreements

Sperm donations are one of the key components that make assisted reproduction possible. Whether conceiving through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI), a legally enforceable sperm donation agreement is essential.

Our lawyers at Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, help aspiring parents achieve their dreams of starting a family. We are well-versed in all types of assisted reproduction. If you are considering pursuing conception through assisted reproductive technology (ART), or if you are considering making a meaningful contribution by donating sperm, you can turn to our attorneys for guidance on all the legal aspects of your journey.

How Can You Find A Sperm Donor?

There are many commercial sperm banks across the country. It may take some time to find a sperm bank that fits your needs. For example, if genetic testing is important to you, look for a sperm bank that offers it.

You can also find a known donor to provide sperm. However, there are more risks to this approach. A strong sperm donor contract is all the more important in these arrangements.

What To Include In A Sperm Donation Agreement

These agreements should address, at a minimum:

  • Detailed provisions regarding the parties’ rights and obligations, including:
    • Parental rights
    • Genetic testing
    • Health screenings
    • Donation cycles and frequency
    • Storage and disposition of sperm
    • Medical procedures
    • Confidentiality and anonymity of the donor
  • Financial considerations, including compensation, reimbursement for travel expenses and the like
  • Avenues for resolving any disputes

A strong donation agreement protects everyone involved.

Sperm Donor Contracts And “Open” Sperm Donors

Some parents wish to have an arrangement where their child will have the option to contact the sperm donor once the child turns 18. This kind of “open” arrangement should be clearly spelled out in the terms of the sperm donor agreement. All parties should be aware of the benefits and potential risks of an open arrangement.

Do You Need A Sperm Donor Agreement For An Anonymous Donor?

Yes. Any sperm donation should involve a legally enforceable agreement between the donor and recipients.

How Much Do Sperm Donation Agreements Cost?

For a sperm donation agreement representing the intended parent(s), we charge $600. For review of agreement representing the donor, we charge $450.

Find Out More About Sperm Donation Agreements

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