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At Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, we are excited to be a part of your journey. With over a decade of combined legal experience, our detail-oriented and system-savvy legal professionals agree: Helping parents realize their dream of building a family feels right. We are an international business that utilizes every available medium to connect and effectively communicate with every client personally.

Intended Parents

Intended Parents

Learn more about our legal support services for intended parents.



View our services for traditional and gestational surrogates.

Egg Donors

Egg Donors

Learn more about our support and legal guidance for egg donors.

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Surrogacy In A Post-Dobbs World: Navigating Challenges And Mitigating Risks

From Our Family To Yours

We embrace the uniqueness of each client who walks through our doors. No individual or couple is the same, and it is our pleasure to help you with this next step in your life. We keep the end goal in sight while managing the many details along the way, including handling court hearings and parentage orders, managing trust funds and acquiring birth certificates, passports and travel documents. We stand by our clients – from start to family.

Whether Home Is Here Or Abroad, We Can Help

Individuals come from all over the world to seek our firm’s help with their fertility and surrogacy needs. We know international families have unique needs when they are building their families. Our firm has extensive experience in ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in place for individuals traveling from abroad.

Taking The Extra Step

Fertility and surrogacy processes can be expensive. Not every family can afford it. Because helping create families is our mission, we have started a nonprofit organization to help them on their journeys.