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How do we get the birth certificate?

First, we go to court and provide the judge with the surrogacy agreement, and a signed statement from your IVF clinic stating that your embryos were transferred to the surrogate. The court then gives us an order that confirms your parentage and protects your records from public scrutiny. We send this court order to the Department of Vital Statistics. The birth certificate is mailed to our offices, and then to you.

How do I get a Social Security card for my child?

In order to obtain a Social Security number and card for your child, you’ll submit a request form. It will not be sent automatically. The application for a newborn Social Security number can be found on the website for the United States’ Social Security Administration.

How do I obtain a passport for my child?

In order to obtain a passport for an infant, you’ll fill out an application. It can be found online or downloaded from the United States Department of State. If you plan to travel out of the country, please inform our staff, as we can help you obtain an expedited passport in a matter of 5-7 days.