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What Happens At The Hospital?

Hospital administration and staff have varying levels of knowledge and experience in dealing with surrogacy. While they can sometimes be helpful, it is best to have an informed attorney by your side. Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC is here for you. We have helped many clients navigate this complicated process in order to make their family complete.

What You Can Expect

We work with the birth clerks to ensure the certified pre-birth order is acceptable given their standards. Pre-birth orders state that you are the parents of the child before the surrogate goes into labor. This is extremely important. Each state’s office of vital records may have a different set of requirements and time frames for the issuing of the birth certificate. If your country of origin requires an apostille birth certificate, we can help you get those as well.

As for whose name goes on the birth certificate, it is state-specific. In most cases, it will list who the intended parents are. What may or may not change is whether the surrogate is listed. Once we have the official court order establishing the legal rights of the intended parents, our firm contacts the birth hospital. We inform the social worker and nurse manager of the labor and delivery department about the circumstances of the birth to make sure that all procedures unfold according to plan. The goal is to make this process as seamless as possible. Our job is to do that on your behalf.

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