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The reproductive law landscape has shifted significantly in recent decades. With the rise and advancement of assisted reproduction technology (ART), starting a family is now much more accessible to those who would otherwise be unable to do so for physical or biological reasons. Fertility clinics, egg banks, sperm banks and surrogacy agencies all play vital roles in making that possible.

At Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, our lawyers provide guidance for agencies and clinics nationwide on all aspects of reproductive law. We focus solely on this area of law. Based in San Diego, we work with clinics nationwide through strategic partnerships with local counsel.

The Benefits Of Working With A Lawyer As A Fertility And Surrogacy Clinic Or Agency

Agencies and clinics face many regulatory hurdles. A strong legal foundation is essential for maintaining compliance and avoiding litigation that can not only damage your organization’s reputation, but also prove extremely costly.

Our attorneys serve as valuable partners to minimize risk.

How A Fertility And Surrogacy Attorney Can Help

We can develop compliance strategies tailored to your organization’s mission and operations under the applicable legal framework. Much of that work involves preparing strong contracts that clearly define each party’s rights and responsibilities and that will hold up in court. We are well-versed in all types of reproductive law contracts, including:

  • Services agreements with intended parents as well as egg donors and embryo donors and sperm donors
  • Agreements with other clinics or agencies
  • Agreements for the storage and disposition of embryos, eggs and sperm
  • Financial agreements

Additionally, we help new clinics and agencies establish strong legal footing. We offer in-house accounting and escrow services to alleviate the burden of financial compliance.

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