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What questions should you ask when interviewing surrogates?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Surrogacy Law |

California couples who wish to become parents but struggle with fertility issues might want to consider surrogacy. As you look to the future and have a child, there are certain questions you should ask while meeting with potential surrogates. While there might be many that come to mind, these are the ones you should include.

What made you decide to become a surrogate?

The topic of egg, sperm or embryo donations is never something to take lightly. As a result, the first question to ask a potential surrogate is what made them choose to go that route. Not everyone can undertake surrogacy. Hearing the answer can enlighten you and reassure you about the person.

What are your values?

Everyone is different, which is why you will want to ask a potential surrogate about her values. If her values match yours, you might find that the surrogate is a perfect match to carry your child. Learning about what’s important to her could give you a better idea of whether she would be the right fit.

How did your past pregnancies go?

When looking for a surrogate, you will want to ask about any previous pregnancies. If she has her own children and gave birth before or has acted as a surrogate for another couple, you should ask about her experience throughout each pregnancy. If things went smoothly and she didn’t have any issues, it can ease your mind about serving as your surrogate.

How often can you communicate?

You should ask the surrogate how often you can be in communication. If she’s the one carrying your child, you’ll want to be in regular contact. You may even wonder if you can appear at her OB/GYN appointments and witness ultrasounds of your child. Surrogates should be open to regular communication.

These questions can give you a starting point to build a good relationship with your surrogate. Once you find your ideal surrogate, you’ll be that much closer to the family you’ve wanted for so long.