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How cannabis use affects male and female fertility

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Fertility Assistance |

California was one of the first states to allow cannabis to be used both medicinally and recreationally. However, those hoping to start a family may want to think twice about doing so. Some studies have shown that cannabis use can affect both male and female fertility.

Understanding the impacts of cannabis on fertility

Recent research has shown that regular cannabis use can negatively impact fertility. Men who smoke the substance can experience low sperm count and low motility. The genetic makeup of sperm can also be affected, increasing the risk of conditions like autism spectrum disorder in babies. Testing performed on primates in a study by researchers from Oregon Health and Science University revealed that the THC in cannabis can also lead to shrinking of the testes.

Other studies have shown that cannabis use can adversely affect women’s fertility as well. Female reproductive hormones can be altered by regular use and make it difficult to conceive. A National Institute of Health (NIH) study revealed that women who smoke marijuana have higher levels of luteinizing hormone compared with those who don’t use. Those high levels negatively affect ovulation and significantly lower the chances of conceiving. The NIH study showed that women who used cannabis were 41% less likely to conceive each month compared with those who did not use.

All hope is not lost

Regardless of gender, anyone who is looking to start a family can improve their chances of conceiving by stopping their cannabis use. While it is your right to enjoy it recreationally, if you’re trying to naturally get pregnant or seeking fertility assistance, refraining until after your child is born is the best option. Men can have healthier sperm and women can re-regulate their ovulation, making your fertility journey easier and safer.

Stopping your cannabis use now can give you an edge in having the family you’ve always wanted.