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Potential expenses involved in same-sex surrogacy

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Surrogacy Law |

In California, LGBTQ+ individuals can achieve the goal of becoming a parent through same-sex surrogacy. However, this critical journey comes with financial aspects that may prevent the dream from becoming a reality for many people. Understanding the costs of same-sex surrogacy and the challenges involved can help those considering this option.

Securing the eggs

The first step involves acquiring eggs from a donor or an egg bank. Each option has its costs, which warrant consideration while making a choice. Additionally, some individuals may choose to use fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), which can add to the cost. The number of IVF cycles required for a successful pregnancy may increase the cost even more.

Choosing a surrogate

Individuals can choose a surrogate through an agency or independent means. Working with an agency for this critical aspect of same-sex surrogacy may involve significant expenses, but the benefits include professional experience, guidance, and support. Choosing a surrogate independently may present challenges and involve other costs, such as logistical or legal expenses.

The legal aspects of surrogacy involve contractual agreements and specific legal procedures to protect the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. It is crucial to ensure the appropriate handling of legal matters. The cost of legal assistance to review agency agreements and other work can increase the total costs of surrogacy.

Insurance considerations

Insurance may cover some parts of surrogacy, such as an embryo transfer, and it is essential to understand which costs do not qualify for coverage. The cost of cryopreservation to preserve embryos can add up and should be another factor in the financial plan.

Some gay male couples may have limited fertility health benefits from their insurance because policies often provide coverage only to a pregnant policyholder. People of all socioeconomic means deserve the opportunity to become parents, but this challenging aspect can further increase surrogacy’s financial burden and out-of-pocket expenses.

The journey of same-sex surrogacy involves significant decisions, costs and emotional implications. Understanding each cost component may help aspiring parents navigate alternative, more financially accessible ways of becoming parents through surrogacy.