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Single-parent surrogacy process and challenges

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Surrogacy Law |

A portion of single people in California dream of becoming parents. If you are in this group, you can become a parent through surrogacy as a single person. You do not have to put your parenthood goals on hold as you hope to find a compatible partner. With surrogacy, you can move forward with the creation of a child biologically related to you. The process will largely be the same as when couples use surrogacy. Although the law does not discriminate against you for being single, single parents could face some extra challenges.

You will need a sperm or egg donor

Unlike couples who often can both donate biological material to form an embryo that grows inside a surrogate mother, or gestational carrier, you only personally possess half of the equation. A surrogacy agency may have the resources to connect you with a sperm of egg donor. You may exercise the option of working with a donor already known to you as well.

Once you work out all of the technical details about the arrangement with the gestational carrier, a physician will initiate the pregnancy with in vitro fertilization. The law recognizes you as the custodial parent from day one regardless of your marital status.

Financial challenges as a single parent

You may have more difficulty budgeting for the cost of surrogacy on a single income. Reducing costs with an overseas surrogate mother may not work for you as a single adult. Surrogacy law in other countries sometimes insists on couples being the intended parents.

Almost anyone can expect challenges on the road to becoming a parent through surrogacy. As a single person, you may have some extra hurdles to overcome, but domestic laws do not bar you from pursuing parenthood.