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Three key reasons to consider surrogacy

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Firm News |

Adding a child to your family can be a transformational experience, and if it’s something that you’re considering there might be several ways to bring a new addition into your life. If you’re married or have a partner, then natural biological birth could be an option. But for many people, pregnancy isn’t possible or simply isn’t desirable. In those instances, you could adopt a child, but that won’t allow you to have the biological link to your child that you might want.

That’s one reason why surrogacy should be carefully considered. However, surrogacy isn’t for everyone. So, how do you know if it’s right for you?

Signs that it might be time to consider surrogacy

If you’ve found your way to our blog, then you’re at least interested in learning more about surrogacy. But how do you know if surrogacy is the right path for you? Here are some signs that might indicate that this is your best option for welcoming a new child into your family:

  • You want to know what you’re getting: Many people who consider surrogacy also think about pursuing adoption. With adoption, though, you might not know much, if anything, about the physical and mental health of the child’s biological parents as well as the type of prenatal care that the biological mother received. As a result, you risk not knowing if the child you adopt is pre-disposed to certain medical conditions, some of which you might be unequipped to address.

With surrogacy, on the other hand, you’re carefully matched with a surrogate mother and remain in close contact with her throughout the pregnancy. As a result, you’ll know exactly what kind of care the surrogate mother and the child receive, and your own genetic makeup will help you set expectations for what your child will be like from a physical, mental, emotional, and developmental standpoint.

  • You want a child of your own but don’t want to deal with the real-world ramifications of pregnancy: Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However, women who become pregnant must find a way to deal with the results of their condition, including changes to their physical appearance and energy levels, as well as necessary time off work to physically recover from the birth itself. Depending on your career and your wishes, this might be something that you want to avoid, thereby making surrogacy a viable option.
  • Your circumstances limit your options: For many people, biological birth and adoption simply aren’t options. This is true for many older individuals, those who are infertile, those who are single, and same-sex couples. Regardless of your reasons, if adoption or carrying your own child is impossible or undesirable, then you should take a closer look at surrogacy to determine if it’s the best option for you.

Choosing the surrogacy route is a big decision. So, before moving forward with any matching or a surrogacy agreement, you should make sure you fully understand the process, what it can and can’t do for you, and what it’ll look like moving forward. Hopefully then you’ll be able to move forward more comfortably and with the excitement and anticipation you hope for.

Do you want to learn more about surrogacy?

If so, then don’t hesitate to read through our website and our blog, where you’ll find a plethora of educational resources. Once you feel ready to take the next step toward formally moving forward with surrogacy, then please be sure to wrap yourself in the emotional support that you need and ensure that you protect yourself as fully as possible from a legal standpoint.