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Surrogacy faces new headwinds from major critic

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Surrogacy Law |

Although surrogacy is an option that has helped many people in California and throughout the country to achieve their goals of having children, the practice is not without its detractors.

For every advocate who might hail the benefits of a surrogacy arrangement, there may be another who is against the process – for any variety of reasons.

Our readers in California may have seen the recent news reports that Pope Francis – the head of the Catholic faith – has called for a global ban on surrogacy, introducing new headwinds in a fight for progress on this important issue.

Impact of the news

The Pope’s call for prohibition of surrogacy likely saddened many who see surrogacy as an important option for many individuals and families who are facing delicately unique and uncomfortable situations when it comes to having children.

Although his words against surrogacy were strong, it is far too early to determine what impact, exactly, the Pope’s stance against surrogacy will have in countries around the world.

In California at least, our readers still have legal protections when pursuing this option. Surrogacy agreements can be quite beneficial to all parties involved in the process, as can a detailed explanation and understanding of the role of each party in surrounding arrangements.

There is no doubt that there are unique challenges for those who are involved in surrogacy arrangements. And there are various reasons why some people arrive at surrogacy as their chosen option.

Facts may vary, but the law at any given time needs to be interpreted and applied to the situation correctly. Be sure to get the right information for your situation.