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At Fertility & Surrogacy Legal Group, APC, our team has extensive experience in third-party reproduction law and have all of the necessary skills and connections to assist in every way. Gestational surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donations are just a part of the journey.

Fertility, surrogacy and third-party reproduction law requires a specialized understanding of the law and its many nuances. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Court process and filing
  • Banking practices
  • Medical practices
  • Medical insurance
  • Hospital administration
  • Vital records department process
  • State department process and requirements
  • Intricacies of varying countries’ specific emigration and naturalization processes

We can and will ensure that you not only acquire the necessary parental rights to your baby but also that you will be protected throughout the entire process. We know what to look for in each and every type of agreement to ensure that each party’s duties, obligations and rights are clearly outlined and defined. We work in multiple states and can walk you through the process and the legal requirements for your state and your specific family make-up.

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